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  • 30/01/2023

Sign up for Admob to earn earnings from apps

The giant Google company bought Admob advertising company for $750 million in 2009 AD, so Admob became a subsidiary of Google, and now Admob has become part of Adsense, so the idea of Admob is very close to the idea of Google Adsense, however, Admob specializes in application ads only, not websites. What is AdMob? […]


Fundamentals of Getting Started with Application Programming

With smart phones invading the world in all its countries, even poor countries, now most people own smart phones, and they tend to learn The basics of getting started with smartphone apps:   1. Select the primary operating system Smartphone operating systems are divided into several types, each type has special requirements and different advantages […]

Beginners Guide, Beginners Guide, Beginners Guide

How to create an Admob ad to put in your app

In this article, we will explain how to create an Admob ad to start earning profits through your app.   Admob offers two types of ads: Banner: An advertising banner that appears at the top or bottom of the application. Interstitials “banner” : an advertisement that appears in full screen when opening the application or […]