Fundamentals of Getting Started with Application Programming

With smart phones invading the world in all its countries, even poor countries, now most people own smart phones, and they tend to learn

The basics of getting started with smartphone apps:


1. Select the primary operating system

Smartphone operating systems are divided into several types, each type has special requirements and different advantages and disadvantages. But in the doAppz platform one application will work on all platforms.

2. Choose a useful and innovative idea for your app

3. Choose a unique and appropriate name for your application.

4. Design an attractive icon for your application

The application icon is the first factor to attract users’ eyes and entice them to download your application, so take care of it and design an attractive icon!

5. Define your target audience

Knowing your target audience is one of the most important points for the success of your application, and this step will facilitate many future tasks for you, on top of which is targeting during ad campaigns.

6. Publish your application

You have finished making a preliminary version of your application. Publish it directly among your family, friends, and close associates.

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