Terms & Conditions

By using doAppz platform means you are accepting and agreeing to all terms and conditions mentioned below:

0- Notes:

  • Platform management has the right to change, alter or update these terms and conditions at any time; you are obliged to automatically commit these changes, alterations, or updates, instantly.
  • Platform management has the right to change or alter the prices, at any time.

1- Customer Account:

  • The platform management has the right to take all necessary action against the accounts in violation of these terms and conditions.
  • Platform management has the right to monitor the client’s account to ensure that the work is consistent with the platform policy, terms and conditions.
  • Maintaining customer account information is his personal responsibility
  • In the platform we do not use customer information for personal or commercial purposes.

2- Terms of Service and Platform:

  • If the service is stopped at the platform, the platform management does not undertake to compensate the customer for any additional period or compensatory amounts.
  • The client is committed to refraining from effecting or overusing the server’s resources in way which may adversely affect the servers of the platform.
  • Applications that contain proprietary rights are not permitted without proof.
  • In the free plan, when the traffic exceeds 10,000 visits or a click-through rate of more than 0.50%, the app will stop.
  • The company grantees a stability that reaches 99.5% for its services.

3- Violation Applications:

  • Applications that contain any sexual or pornographic content are not allowed.
  • Applications that incite violence or terrorism are not allowed.
  • Applications with proprietary rights are not allowed without proof.
  • Applications that impersonate any person or entity are not allowed.

4 – Payment, subscription and renewal:

  • The customer cannot request a refund of any payment made to the platform.
  • The customer will be informed before the subscription renewal period by e-mail.
  • The customer must pay the renewal fees before the invoice is due to ensure that the subscription does not stop.
  • If the customer subscription is terminated, he / she will be informed of this by the automated system at the platform. If the payment is not made on time, the subscription will be suspended.
  • At the end of the subscription period and the renewal has not been completed, The customer can not claim the management of the platform for any data or compensation.
  • The platform offers different subscription plans and payment systems to suit all customers.
  • The subscription period starts from the moment the invoice is paid and ends at the specified time. The renewal fee must be paid to avoid interruption of service.

5- Backup, protection and security:

  • Platform management doing daily and monthly backups.
  • Platform management is not responsible for any loss of backups.

6- Technical Support:

  • For the technical support, the customer can open a ticket in our client area or chat with us via the live chat.
  • Customer cannot request technical support if his account status is suspended.
  • The platform management doing its best to provide customer support, but it does not have to resolve all problems (if any) and the customer is not entitled to claim compensation. In return, the platform management undertakes to do its utmost to resolve all problems as quickly as possible.

7- Disclaimer:

  • The platform management is not responsible for any damage that may happen to the client. The platform management does not provide any guarantees of any sort for any provided service; thus, it disclaims its liability for any damage, delay, or suspension, whether it is done by the company or its partners.
  • Any legal disputes occur from the posting of any content to an application on the platform, the client is solely responsible for the application, and the platform management is not responsible in any way for this, as the platform gives the client full control of the account and its applications through the control panel Its own.
  • The client holds the responsibility of protecting his\her account, and he\she holds full responsibility of all activities which happens in that account.
  • The platform management guarantees itself the right to follow the methods and to take legal and chastising measures it sees befitting when the company or one of its employees are abused verbally or in writing.