About doAppz

Q: What is the doAppz platform?
Online mobile apps builder for iOS & Android. Its help you to create unlimited apps with no coding skills!

Q: What make doAppz unique?
Ease of use, You can create unlimited applications without any coding skills!

Q: What are the supported platforms?
iOS, Android and WebApp

Q: Are there examples of applications done in doAppz?
Visit our homepage to see the demos and examples, App gallery is coming soon.

Q: Do i need any coding experience before i join doAppz?
You do not need any coding or programming skills!

Plans & Subscriptions

Q: Can i cancel my subscription in doAppz?
Yes you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Q: Can i update my account in doAppz?
Yes easily through the client area.

Q: What are the payment methods available in doAppz?
We offer many convenient payment methods including PayPal, Visa and Mastercard.

Applications Types

Q: Can i create an application for Facebook page?

Q: Can i create an application for WordPress?

Q: What is the applications type i can do with doAppz?
Many applications starting from corporate applications to personal and entertainment applications!

Applications Development

Q: How do i preview my applications on live phone?
By using doAppz Previewer.

Q: Can u edit the app after publish in stores?
Yes, it is possible! (This is an exclusive feature in doAppz platform).

Q: Does the application work without an Internet connection?
Yes, Offline mode supported in some parts.

Q: Is there a fee to update the app?
There is no fee.

Q: Can I add app ads?
Yes you can add ads using Google Admob.

Q: What are the application publication steps?
Prepare the basic application content, then prepare the graphics files, and then processing the application information such as name and description.

Applications Publications

Q: Do you publish my applications to stores?
Yes if you request that.

Q: Do I need an Apple Developer account?
Yes, if you want to publish your app in the Apple Store.

Q: Do I need a Google Developers account?
Yes, if you want to publish your app in Google Play.

Q: What is App store developer subscription fee?
You pay $99 per year.

Q: What is Google Play developer subscription fees?
$25 is paid one time.

Q: How long will the application be accepted at the Apple Store?
1 to 7 days.

Q: How long does the application accept in Google Play?
1 to 4 hours.

Q: What do I do if my application is not accepted at Apple Store?
You need to re-edit, optimize, and upgrade again.

Q: What is the requirements for the publication?
For Apple Store:
Developer account
Icon 1024×1024 pixels
App Images for iPhone
Google App for iPad
Application description
And some other data

For Google Play Store:
Developer account
Icon is 512×512 pixels
Image of the display page is 1024×500 pixels
At least 3 images for application
Application description
And some other data